The Hills

Only Appearance

Heroine Addict

Voiced by

Jim Ward

Willy is a fitness trainer, who runs Willy's Kai Bong Fitness Studio.

Bob takes his class, and thinks he and Willy are good friends even though Willy does not even know who he is. Bob describes Willy as "big and black and quite the inspirational leader". Willy is the one who helped Pickles discover her love of thrill chasing by introducing her to boxing.


His brown hair is cut very short. He wears a yellow and red muscle shirt, red wristbands, a yellow headband, black shorts, high socks, and black shoes.


"(referring to Bob) What the hell is that?"
―Heroine Addict
"Damn, she scary! She belongs in the cellar!"
―Heroine Addict

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