Verdelle Diver




The Valley

Only Appearance

Pickles' Little Amazons

Voiced by

Lea DeLaria

Verdelle is the regional coordinator of the Little Amazons in Hill Valley.


As a lesbian, she hits on Pickles frequently when she was sentenced by the judge to be Beth's den mother. She appears to be take her job seriously however, treating every troop fairly.


She has her brown hair cut short, and has on brown mascara and light lipstick. Her arms and legs are noticeably hairy. As an Amazon, she wears the signature green shirt and shorts, darker green sash and bandana around her neck, along with knee-high socks and beige hiker boots.


"If you're like me, you'll find that Amazoning can open up exciting new worlds... and lifestyles."
―Pickles' Little Amazons
"Oooohh yeah. Boss me Butchy."
―Pickles' Little Amazons


  • Her last name is a reference to the slur "muff diver".

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