The Debbies




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Stupid Betsy

The Debbies is the first story in Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales.


This story follows Helga being teased by the Debbies, and she decides to take her revenge against them.


This is Helga.

These are the Debbies.
The Debbies all tried very hard to be the same.
Helga was an endless source of amusement to the Debbies...

Even though Helga was different,
She had somehow convinced herself that there was a place in society for her.
The Debbies sought to destroy Helga's glimmer of hope to one day fit in.

Helga became obsessed with the though of revenge.
Helga disguised herself as a Debbie, and mingled among them.
Once inside the clique, Helga began studying their itty bitty thoughts and their migration patterns.

Over lunch, the Debbies decided to have a slumber party at Debbie's house.
They ate pizza, painted their toenails pink, giggled and talked about Matthew Kelly's excellent butt cheeks.

While the Debbies slept Helga snipped off their annoying little heads.
Then she ate all of the pizza crusts.

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