The Australians





Only Appearance

My Name Is Robbie.

Voiced by

Billy West
Randy Sklar

The Australians are a group of five lifeguards who competed in the Hill Valley Beach lifeguard competition. When Dusty was trapped in a cave, they were too big to go and rescue her.


They were quite rude to the Hill Valley lifeguards, eating bananas with peanut butter and waiting an hour before they got into the water to do the competition.


They are all muscular, and wear matching black swimshorts. They tend to wear their hair long, with or without a ponytail, and two wear necklaces. The lead lifeguard has blonde hair.


"G'day scumbags. Don't worry, that's Australian for 'comrade'."
―My Name is Robbie
"The tide totally swept her in, and I'm too big to fit through the rocks. I'm even bigger, check out these lats bra. I'm bigger than both of ya. This is how they see God in Australia."
―My Name is Robbie


  • One of them is gay.
  • They crossed the ocean on skidoos to get to Hill Valley.

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