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Rosie's Crazy Mother




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Sibling Rivalry...


Jenny, Jenny, Jenny & Babette

Rosie's Crazy Mother is the eleventh story in Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales.


This story follows a girl named Rosie, whose mother is incredibly insane.


Rosie's mother was a crazy woman.
She shaved the cats.
...Then she glued little pictures of Elvis all over them.

Rosie's crazy mother had a life-sized tattoo of herself on her back "just in case".
After-school snacks usually consisted of a jar of mayonnaise and something alive.

Rosie finally decided that it was weird that her mother made her sleep in the oven.
Rosie began to worry at about the age of six.

She feared she would grow up to be just like her mother.
And she did.

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