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Pristine Klimer




The Hills


Debbie (Daughter)
Jared (Son)
George (Husband)

First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Becky Thyre

Pristine Klimer is the wealthy wife in the Hills, and an old friend of Pickles, when Pickles was still a Hill resident.


She is beautiful and resourceful, yet arrogant and rich. She can be a bit over-dramatic, but is shown to have a forgiving side when Pickles and Bob left each other.


She has short blonde hair with purple mascara and wears a white dress with heels.


"I don't want my daughter and her friends exposed to a drunken hose-bag. Oh gosh, did I say that out loud?"
―Misfit Love
"We sold three palettes of cookies. How are your little trolls doing?"
―Pickles' Little Amazons
"Look at that bulge in his shorts! Talk about a massive wallet!"
―Please Be Genital


  • She is a Little Amazon den mother.
  • She believes her maid Cathy is Hispanic.
  • She shows to have little concern for her children.


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