Jenny, Jenny, Jenny & Babette




129 - 142


Rosie's Crazy Mother


Dick & Muffy

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny & Babette, the Siamese Quadruplets is the twelfth story in Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales.


This story follows four girls who are conjoined at their heads, and their life of being shunned as freaks.


Jenny, Jenny, Jenny and Babette weren't like the other childen...
The neighborhood children wouldn't play with them because they looked too odd.
Even the deformed children stared in disbelief.

Their father feared them.
Their mother thought they were a great big spider.

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny and Babette ran away from home to start a new life.
A normal life.

They got a job.
They got a car.
They got married to a pervert.

They had their 7th birthday.
They'd never been happier.

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny and Babette put on a disguise and went back to their old neighborhood.
Oh how they loathed their parents...

So they cooked and ate them.

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