George Klimer




The Hills


Jared (Son)
Debbie (Daughter)
Pristine (Wife)

First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Billy West

George is the wealthiest man in the Hills. He is a manager at Globocide.


He shows no respect to people from the Valley, or his children for that matter. He abuses his employees for whatever reasons, even going so far as to burn Bob's suggestions for the company to heat the building for 20 years. He will do anything for more money.


He has dirty blonde hair. He is quite tall, and wears a brown suit with a yellow undershirt and black tie. His shoes are white and black.


"Maybe you Valley people wouldn't have SOOO many health problems if you didn't live where the air's contaminated and the land befouled!"
―Misfit Love
"Well, I'll be an unwashed immigrant."
―The Golden Child


  • The only time he used Bob's suggestions was when Milo was the CEO.
  • He doesn't like the Chinese and possibly the Jews, as he doesn't like Yom Kippur.
  • The only thing he is afraid of is the Board of Directors.


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