Dr. Hofschneider




The Hills

First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Billy West

Dr. Hofschneider is a doctor at the Hill Valley Hospital, who looks after the Oblongs.


He is very settled and laid back. He believes that everything can be solved with some kind of medication or "animal therapy", which is generally how he takes care of Milo's hyper-activeness. However, it is quite obvious that he has no incentive to get to the root of any problem; he just wants to get it over with.


He wears a white lab coat with yellow undershirt and blue tie, has a brown mop hair cut, and always carries around a clip board.


"I've previously diagnosed your son with the typical Valley childhood ailments: ADD, OCD, TTD, and of course, foamy diarrhea."
―Narcoleptic Scottie
"This outta gross 'em out on the internet."
―Please Be Genital
"Hmm, looks like TMJ. It's a temporary jaw disorder, prevalent among sex workers. You're not a sex worker are you, you filthy bastard!"
―My Name is Robbie


  • He is left-handed.
  • It is unknown if he cares about the Valley people as much as the Hill people.


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