Disfigured Debbie
Season 1, Episode 8
Airdate May 20, 2001
Production No. 108
Writers Jill Soloway
Directors Joe Horne
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Disfigured Debbie is the eighth episode in The Oblongs.


Milo decides to run against a Debbie during the school election, garnering support from various under-represented groups. Everything's going smoothly, until an inconveniently placed piece of farm equipment catches a falling Debbie, spraying her all over the crowd.


  • Giving out money is illegal, so Debbie would have been out of the campaign.
  • Valley residents have tried to commit suicide before, as Milo said "We have all tried but it won't work" (Debbie jumped off a bridge to a river, only to stand knee-deep).
  • Milo mentions that his ancestors were 'carnival folk', travelling to what was "Hiroshima on the summer of 1945", which is a reference to the detonation of the atomic bomb.
  • This is the only episode with the F.F.A. and the Albinos For The Lord.


File:The Oblongs Season 1 Episode 8 Disfigured Debbie

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