Dick & Muffy




143 - 155


Jenny, Jenny, Jenny & Babette


Mary Had a Little Chainsaw

Dick & Muffy is the thirteenth story in Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales.


This story follows two young children as they tell a silent tale of sexual innuendo.


(Dick passes by, a bee is in the air)
(Muffy passes by with a flower in her hand)

(Dick is driving a toy train)
(Muffy holds the tunnel)

(Dick holds a hot dog)
(Muffy holds the bun)

(Dick holds the plug)
(Muffy holds the outlet)

(Dick readies the stick)
(Muffy tosses the hoop)

(Dick licks Muffy's pussy cat)
(Muffy watches and smiles)

(Dick watches and smiles)
(Muffy chokes Dick's chicken)

(Dick holds out his index finger)
(Muffy makes a hole with her finger and thumb)

(Dick holds out a peeled banana)
(Muffy holds two oranges)

(Dick tries to open a champagne bottle but it fizzes out instead of popping)
(Muffy is left alone)

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