The Hills

First Appearance

Misfit Love

Voiced by

Billy West

Blaine is the best friend of Jared, and a student at Hill Valley High. He enjoys picking on the Valley kids, especially Milo, Biff, and Chip.


He is a rich, snobby, rude bully to the Valley kids, and even his house maid. He finds anything that they do frustrating, especially when they go to the Hills onto his turf. He usually follows Jared's orders, from cheating to beating kids up, and compliments on whatever he does to the Valley kids.


He has black hair slicked forward into a curl which goes upwards, and he wears a matching white shirt, pants and shoes. He uses a black belt for his pants.


"Rah rah Biff! Pride, sacrifice, desire. You're a first-string dork!"
―Get Off My Back
"I've heard of a driver-side airbag, but I've never seen a driver-side douchebag!"
―Father of the Bribe


  • He is never seen without Jared.
  • He has his driver's license.
  • He got two kisses from Milo in Bucketheads, while Jared only got one.
  • There is a rumour that he and Jared have sex with each other, since they're always together.


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